We Promise Quality Code

Here at MageModule, LLC, we undertake great effort to ensure that our extensions and modules remain defect-free and flexible enough to work with a majority of customized Magento websites. However, bugs and coding errors are always a possibility with any software due to platform upgrades and unforseen use cases. We promise to deliver quality code that functions as advertised.

1-Year Bug-Free Guarantee

We guarantee our Magento extensions and modules for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. When you purchase code from MageModule, LLC, you are purchasing a promise of quality, reliability, and top-notch functionality. If your purchased product does not perform as advertised, on one of the platform versions that it is advertised for, we will fix it free of charge within 30 days from the date we acknowledge your support request. If we determine that we are unable to fix the bug, we will offer a full refund. If we are unable to fix the bug within the aformentioned 30-day timeframe, we will request an extension of time or offer a 50% refund, at your option.


  • Bugs due to other modules or extensions installed on your website. Most Magento websites are highly customized and we've seen everything from professionally written code all the way down to code written by a guy who was employed making sandwiches just last week. Oftentimes, but certainly not always, issues that are perceived as bugs are not bugs at all. Rather, these issues can be due to coding that does not follow Magento best practices in other third-party extensions or custom code. Sometimes this third-party code qualifies as "throw-away code" and sometimes the third-party code is great but their code and our code might not be compatible with each other for one reason or another. We never assume that the previously described scenarios are the case, we always take a good look before making this determination.
  • Server-related issues. Any issues that originate from the server and not our code, will not be supported. This includes, but is not limited to, server timeouts, memory run-outs, lack of sufficient power, etc.
  • Improper installation. Any issues that arise from the improper installation of our product if the installation was not performed by us.
  • Product modification. If our product was modified by any party other than MageModule, LLC, it will not be supported.


  • Any products that we provide free of charge are not eligible for free support.
  • Any product not purchased from this website or our store on the Magento marketplace.
  • Any support request not originating from the original purchaser of the product.

We hate spam too. We promise to only send out occasional e-mails containing things such as discounts, promotions, and Magento-related news.

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