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Accurately Delete Invoices

MageModule's Invoice Deleter extension for the Magento 2 e-commerce platform provides an occasionally useful bit of functionality that was not previously available. That is, the ability to safely delete an invoice and reverse any calculations made when the invoice was created. Every now and then, merchants make a simple but difficult to reverse mistake by creating an undesired or erroneous invoice. The difficulty stops here!

Some common scenarios in which the ability to delete an invoice can be useful are:

  • The merchant is awaiting payment for an order and they mistakenly create the invoice before the payment is received.
  • The merchant took an offline payment or a phone payment and accidentally invoiced the wrong quantity of a product.
  • An order was created from an external system and sent over with erroneous data.

Great for Developers

Magento extension developers and website builders often have the need to create orders or invoices as a part of their work. Oftentimes, it would be much more efficient for the developer to repeatedly create and delete an invoice instead of going through the entire order creation process over and over again. In fact, that is exactly how this extension was born!

Delete Invoices from:

  • Command Line
  • RESTful API
  • Admin Panel: Global Invoice Grid
  • Admin Panel: Order Invoice Grid
  • Admin Panel: Invoice View Page

Invoice Deleter will:

  • Safely delete an invoice using only Magento-safe methods, NEVER direct manipulation of the database.
  • Reverses calculations and orders that were made upon the initial creation of the invoice.
  • Reduces the Quantity Invoiced that shows in admin panel order view page and the frontend order view page.
  • Display a confirmation modal asking the merchant to confirm prior to invoice deletion.
  • Provide full ACL permissions so that only specific users can delete invoices, if desired.

Invoice Deleter will not:

  • Reverse or refund any payments.
  • Use any direct SQL, dangerous methods, or unconventional hacks to modify any data.
  • Affect any other elements or areas of the site not associated with the invoice, such as quantity shipped and quantity refunded.

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