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Grouped Product Filter: What is it and who needs it?

Grouped Product Filter is a highly useful extension that creates layered-navigation-like filters on Grouped Product pages. This module will create attribute-based filters at the top of the child products list to allow customers to easily narrow down the selection. The child product list, also known as the associated product list, can be filtered using color swatch filters, image swatch filters, text swatch filters, and checkbox filters. The types of attributes for which filters can be created are swatch attributes, dropdown attributes, multiselect attributes, and yes/no attributes.

There are many reasons why a merchant might want to provide Grouped Product Filter functionality to their customers. A few common use cases:

  • The merchant has long lists of associated products that can be confusing or overwhelming for the customer
  • The merchant sells highly technical parts and equipment that have many attributes assigned and having filter functionality would be helpful
  • The merchant created grouped products but later realized that they should have created configurable products but does not want to delete and re-create the product as a configurable product
  • The merchant just wants to offer a useful convenience to all customers while viewing grouped products

Intelligent design

The extension is smart enough to know when a filter is not needed and it will only create the filters when truly needed. For example, if all of the child products have the same color, then no filter will be create for color because it would not be useful. The website administrator can configure the extension to only create filters when there are greater than a specific number of associated products to choose from. For example, if only three associated products make up a Grouped product, then it might not be useful to create filters. Additionally, multiple selections within the same filter group can now be selected, making the module much more versatile than previous.

  • Works with native and custom themes
  • Works with responsive themes on tablets and mobile devices
  • Works with store-specific labels/translations for filter options
  • Merchant can decide which attributes are eligible for use as filters
  • Merchant can configure the minimum number of child products that must be present before filters get created
  • Merchant can set custom title on the filters block or no title at all, if desired
Color swatch filter applied to associated products

Swatch Filters

Grouped Product Filters leverages Magento's native layered navigation technology to create and render the actual filters on the product page. If an attribute is set up in the admin panel as a color, image, or text swatch attribute, then the swatch filter type will be the same. Multiple swatch filters can be selected to expand or narrow the associated product selection.

Checkbox filters applied to child products

Checkbox Filters

In previous versions of MageModule Grouped Product Filter, all filters were rendered as dropdown select boxes. While it worked great, it would limit users to one selection per filter group. That is now a thing of the past! Now, all dropdown, yes/no, and multiple select attributes will have their filters rendered as checkboxes. Checkboxes will allow for multiple filter selection to allow the user to narrow down or expand the current selection of child products.

Responsive design support

Responsive Design

Shopping from mobile devices and tablets is larger today than ever. Our Grouped Product Filter module is fully responsive and works great with today's most popular devices.

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Change Log

## [2.1.0] - 2020-12-01
### Removed
- Removed constructor from \MageModule\GroupedProductFilter\Model\FilterList class as it was unnecessarily creating a dependency which was not compatible with Magento 2.4

### Changed
- Updated copyright notices throughout the entire module

## [2.0.7] - 2019-03-31
### Changed
- Updated InstallSchema.php script so that is_grouped_column_filter is created with type 'boolean' instead of 'tinyint'

## [2.0.6] - 2018-11-17
### Added
- Added down arrow to the filter buttons so in order to have a visual indicator that there is more to see if the button is clicked
- Added ACL permissions to module

Reviews: Grouped Product Filter v2

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  1. Excellent from start to finish

    Works as described
    Ease of installation
    Great service from Shawn. I did pay for install which he done promptly. I also requested a few minor changes which he done immediately for me. Very friendly and professional, will be keeping an eye out for any extensions that they add and will be back for me.

    Cant recommend highly enough.

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    Posted on

  2. Great Extention for Group Filter Functionality

    Works as described
    Ease of installation
    This is an excellent extension that adds filter functionality for grouped products. Works exactly as described. I had an issue configuring the extension and the developer was more than happy to help me out. Easy to install on Magento Cloud and doesn't cause any errors. This is a well coded extension and I know if I need help I can reach out to the developer for help.

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    Posted on

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