Improved Attribute Display

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A Better Way To Display Attributes

MageModule’s Improved Attribute Display extension takes the “Additional Information” box that Magento uses to display attributes on the product page and actually makes it usable. By default, Magento displays attributes that your product both uses and DOESN’T use.

By default, if you have a shirt for sale and it utilizes the attributes color and size but your attribute set also includes either irrelevant attributes OR attributes that you have chosen not to enter a value for, Magento will still display those attributes on your product page and insert the value “N/A” or “No” for them. This will undoubtedly lead to confusion for your customers and if you haven’t already done so, you would probably be inclined to remove the attribute box from the product page altogether. This extension gets all of those unused attributes out of the Additional Information box and only displays those attributes that actually contain a value.

Multiselect Attributes

Another great feature of Improved Attribute Display is the reformatting of multiselect attribute options for a more user-friendly display on the product page. Normally, when you have selected values for a multiselect attribute, Magento outputs a long, hard-to-read, comma-separated string of those attribute values. This extension will actually separate all of those values and display them in a nicely formatted column display.

Grouped & Configurable Products

Additionally, for Grouped and Configurable products, you can choose to have the box display the attribute information for each of the child products inside of collapsible information boxes instead of presenting the parent product’s attribute data which may not necessarily be relevant to the child products.

Additional Benefits

The extension also gives you the ability to completely exclude selected attributes on a per-product basis in the case that you would like to display a certain attribute for most products but not all. Additionally, the extension cleans up all of the attributes in the Product Compare window.

Improved Attribute Display will:

  • On the product page, filter out any attributes that do not contain a value
  • On the product page, reformat multiselect attribute values from a long, hard-to-read string into a nicely formatted column display
  • For Grouped and Configurable products, gives the option to display the child products’ attributes inside of collapsible information boxes
  • Clean up attributes inside of the Product Compare window
  • Gives the option to exclude an attribute from display on a per-product basis

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