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Convert Guests to Registered Users

MageModule's Convert Guest Users to Registered Users extension provides some great improvements to Magento's native functionality. Magento already allows a guest to convert to a registered user after placing their order. However, the native functionality is very basic and lacking features that website administrators frequently request. MageModule has answered the call for improved functionality to make this extension a must have!

Behind the scenes, CGURU links previous orders placed under the user's email address with the new account. It also updates the order(s) with more information than Magento's native functionality does. By default, Magento only updates the order with a customer ID and nothing else so it actually still looks like a guest order in the system. This extension will update the order with all of the customer's details and also update several other order database fields to ensure that the website records remain accurate and have a complete link to the customer's new account.

Create a password when converting guest account in order success page

Password and Automatic Login

This extension fills in a major gap within Magento's default functionality and even takes it a step further. By default, Magento does not provide the option for the user to set a password when creating an account from the order checkout success page. In fact, it is rather non-intuitive because the customer will have a new account created for them but they will not be able to log in to the new account without using the "Reset Password" feature. With MageModule's Convert Guests to Registered Users extension, a required password field is presented just above the "Create an Account" button and the user MUST create their own password. The password field is subject to the same level of password validation as when the customer creates an account through the normal signup page. After the user successfully converts their account, they are automatically logged in and redirected to their dashboard. 

Retroactive Order Linking

Another feature gap filled by CGURU is the automatic retroactive linking of past guest orders. Even though Magento does not use e-mail addresses as the principle unique customer account identifier, e-mail addresses are unique to each account and serve as a reliable point of order ownership. When a guest customer converts, the module does a search for past guest orders that were placed using the same e-mail address and automatically links them to the newly created account so that the customer will have access to their full order history.

Convert accounts from individual orders

Admin Panel Guest Conversion

In the admin panel, the administrator can convert guests to registered users individually or in bulk. If the admin user navigates into an order belonging to a guest, there will be a "Register User" button available in the order toolbar. Upon clicking this button, a window will slide out presenting the option to enter a password. A password is not required and if left blank a random password will be generated. Depending on the extension configuration, an e-mail can be sent to the customer notifying them of the creation of their new account.

Bulk convert guests from the admin order grid

Bulk Convert Guests to Registered Users

In the order grid, the admin can select as many or as few checkboxes as they would like and select "Convert Guests to Registered Users" from the mass action dropdown. When converting guests in bulk, there is no option to set a password. Additionally, the admin user does not need to waste time trying to determine which orders in the grid belong to a guest or registered user before selecting the orders to convert. This is because any orders which are already assigned to an account will be automatically skipped. This makes it both safe and convenient to simply select all available orders and the extension will determine which ones need to be converted.

Extension Feature Summary

  • On the frontend order success page, required password and password confirmation fields are added
  • The password is subject to the same level of strength and validation as the normal account signup page
  • The password strength meter is present just like the standard account creation form
  • After the customer creates an account, they are automatically logged in and redirected to their account dashboard
  • In the admin panel order view page, a "Register User" button is added to the order toolbar of any guest order
  • In the admin panel order view page, the administrator can set a password or let the system generate a random password
  • On the admin panel order grid, the admin user can select checkboxes and convert guests to registered users in bulk
  • The website administrator can decide whether or not to send a welcome e-mail to the customer for accounts created in the admin panel
  • When an account is converted, all previous orders placed with the same e-mail address will be linked to the newly created account
  • When an account is converted, the relevant order fields in the database are updated to reflect the customer's new account information
  • Adds an admin-only comment to the order which states whether the user was newly converted to a guest or if the order was linked to an existing customer

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Change Log

## [1.1.2] - 2019-11-11
### Changed
- Updated the sendEmailConfirmation function to be compatible with Magento 2.2.8 while remaining compatible with other versions as well

## [1.1.0] - 2018-11-02
### Added
- Added password confirmation field to order success page
- Added password strength meter to order success page

### Changed
- Improved the javascript that interacts with the password form

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  1. Excellent module, works like a charm – definitely increased our guest conversions

    Works as described
    Ease of installation
    This module is a great add on if you want to allow customers to check out as guests, but allow them to easily register after checkout. I love that it used the customer's email address to match this order and all previous orders to their new account! It works exactly as described, and is an absolute must for any ecommerce site that allows both guest and registered user checkouts.

    Review by

    Posted on

  2. This extension fill the magento2 guest checkout flaw

    Works as described
    Ease of installation
    This extension works as described. Easy to install. Free of bugs. Work as promised. Consumer can create their passwords out of box for Guest Checkout.

    Review by

    Posted on

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