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Make Reviews Great Again

MageModule's BetterReviews 2.0 extension for the Magento 1 e-commerce platform is the perfect module for fixing and improving upon the shortcomings of Magento's default reviews and rating stars system. This extension was also written with a number of features to help capitalize on SEO improvement opportunities as well.

Search Engine Optimization

BetterReviews improves upon Magento's out-of-the-box ratings and reviews system in several ways. It allows a merchant to choose to display reviews directly on the product page instead of on a separate reviews page. These days, Google looks for websites to have to focused and unique content relevant to a single subject: the product. By keeping reviews on a separate page, that focus becomes diluted and can hurt a merchant in the search engine rankings. Moving reviews directly onto the product page provides a great SEO benefit by bringing unique, user-generated content to the forefront.

Another great improvement that this extension brings is the ability to sort reviews by length. This has two benefits. The first benefit is actually unknown to many people. Google does not necessarily scan and index an entire page from top-to-bottom. Instead, Google scans a page up to a limit of a certain number of bytes and then moves on. For long lists of reviews, they might not even crawl every page of the reviews list. Bringing the lengthiest reviews to the beginning of the list helps ensure that Google will see the most useful and unique reviews. The second benefit is that customers will also appreciate being able to see more useful reviews without searching too hard.

SERP showing review count and rating stars

Increased SERP Clickthrough

This extension can wrap each review and set of ratings stars with structured data tags. These tags are necessary in order for Google to be able to display star ratings in the search engine results pages. Having these stars visible in the SERPs has been proven to increase click-throughs and lead to higher conversions.

Grouped, Configurable, & Bundle Product Reviews

  • Option to aggregate reviews and ratings into the parent product's reviews and ratings. By default, reviews and ratings for the child products are ignored completely by Magento
  • When aggregating parent and child product reviews there is an option to show the name of the child product for which each review was left

Feature Summary

  • Supports RWD responsive theme and custom themes
  • Option to display reviews on product page or Magento's default review page
  • When displaying reviews on product page, any requests for the default reviews page will be 301-redirected to the product page
  • Option to change the reviews block heading. Instead of the default heading of "Reviews", the heading text can incorporate the product name or sku
  • Option to sort the reviews by text length so that the most useful reviews show first in the list
  • Option to add structured data tags to reviews. Activating this feature will allow Google to display the ratings stars and other related information in their search results pages
  • Granular control: all options can be independently set for the various product types: Simple, Virtual, Downloadable, Grouped, Configurable, and Bundle.

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