Magento 2 Certification – Why It Matters

Those who know me know that I am proud of my long list of Magento 2 certifications. For me, M2 certs are very important. As a self-taught developer working for a highly-respected Global Elite Magento agency, skill validation is a crucial selling point. It isn’t just a crucial selling point for clients, it is also an important tool for selling myself internally, within the company. Additionally, it provides me with a deep level of personal satisfaction. The fact that I have been able to self-educate to a level of specific expertise is something I do not take for granted.

My First Magento Certification

For years, I freelanced, building Magento extensions and performing development tasks for any client I could find. At some point in time, my wife and I decided to purchase a house. I was nervous because my income wasn’t stable and it wasn’t that high. After moving in and paying the mortgage for a few months, I realized I needed to put myself out there and see if I could find an actual job. I loved working on Magento websites and I was getting better day by day.

My Full Magento Story

A small, but reputable, Magento agency in NYC granted me an interview. I went to the interview and everything seemed just perfect. I demonstrated some of my work in the form of code samples and extension reviews. My interviewers and I got along famously. However, there was a catch. I was offered the position conditionally. What was the condition? Well, I had to get Magento 1 certified. This particular agency made it a part of their client contract that they would only supply Magento certified developers.

A Life-Changing Experience

After my interview and my conditional offer of employment, I had exactly three days to go from zero to Magento certified. I had not previously done any preparation for certification. In fact, I didn’t even know it existed. For three very long days, I studied as though my life depended on it. I needed this job so very much. For what must have been eighteen hours per day, I crammed and crammed and crammed. Nothing was going to stand in my way, it was too important.

Finally, the sun rose and it was exam day. Anxious and nervous, I arrived at the testing center scared yet determined. I was escorted into a small room with several computers and a proctor. I started the test and with each question presented to me, I was so sure of the answer. My nerves subsided and I became more comfortable. Once the test was finished, I was astounded. I passed with 97%! I could not believe it. The simultaneous feeling of joy and relief was so great. I had gotten the job that I so badly needed. I was officially a professional developer of the Magento e-commerce platform.

The Benefits of Studying for Certification

Fast forward to present day, I am now well-established as a pro at what I do. I am a Magento Technical Architect at one of the world’s largest Magento agencies. Nowadays, nobody demands that I keep up with the certifications. I really do it because I just love the validation of my self-taught skill set. This is a dream career for me. The work is extremely enjoyable, always interesting, and the income is both stable and generous.

Magento Certification Ribbons

Currently, I have all of the Magento 2 certifications except for the Cloud Certification. Honestly, I am getting a little sad that I’ve only got one test left to take. One fantastic side-effect of studying for Magento certification is that you force yourself to become a better developer. When I study the platform for a test, I dive deep into parts of the platform I may never touch or rarely touch. Studying these areas only serves to provide deeper understanding of the platform and a new set of ideas for the next complex task to fall in my lap.

There are so many reasons to get certified on the Magento 2 platform. Whether for personal satisfaction or to instill confidence in clients or to make yourself more employable, getting certified is extremely beneficial.

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    1. Hi Tyler, beyond Swift Otter, I would spend my time reading the Magento dev docs word for word. Not every page of course, that could take an eternity. However, the parts of the platform you feel your are lacking in or not quite prepared to be tested on. I would read them and then spin up a VM, create a little “Hello\World” module and actually create little experiments. That is exactly how I went about studying.

      More information about how I studied is located here: Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer PLUS

      Whether that’s the same test you;re going for or if it’s another, the study technique is the same. It’s time consuming no doubt. But, you’ll come out more knowledgeable on the other end and much more confident at test time.

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