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Who is MageModule?

MageModule, LLC is an American, Magento-only, extension and module development shop based in New Jersey. We do not build websites or get involved in large-scale website customizations, we keep sharply focused on building out top-notch extensions and integrations for the Magento e-commerce platform. Our company is new but our talent and experience are not. We have eight years of experience working on all aspects of the Magento platform and the last two years have been spent almost exclusively working on Magento 2. We take pride in our work and our focus is on quality, not quantity.

We're Magento Certified Developers

MageModule, LLC is 100% composed of Magento Certified developers. We are hardcore fans of the Magento e-commerce platform and true masters of our craft. To be certified by Magento, a developer must have a deep understanding of the platform and all of it's intricacies. The developer must know the best and most efficient ways to achieve the desired functionality. The developer must know how to build extensions and integrations in such a way that they play nicely with the extensions of other third-party developers. The developer must know how to build modules the right way, the Magento way, so that they continue to work with even the most heavily customized websites. The developer must know how to do all of this while ensuring that the customers' instances of Magento remain upgradeable and flexible. When choosing to do business with MageModule, LLC, customers receive an inherent promise that any code or customizations provided by us will only be built by a Magento Certified Developer. Proof of certification provided upon request by clicking here.

We're on the Magento Marketplace

All of our extensions are on the Magento Marketplace or will be soon. In order to be listed on the new Magento Marketplace, all code must pass through strict quality control and rigorous testing. The original Magento extensions shop, Magento Connect, was like the Wild West. There were no quality checks, plagiarism checks, or code validation. Certainly, there was never a guarantee that a customer would receive a quality product that functioned as advertised. Fortunately, this has all changed for the benefit of all who shop there and all who sell there. We are proud to let our customers know that we are active in the Magento Marketplace.

Magento Dev Tutorials

Develop Magento 2 on Docker

As a professional Magento developer, one issue that never seems to go away is that of reliable Virtual Machines. It seems that every day I hear one dev or another claiming they had trouble completing their work do to issues with their local environment. In this blog article, I teach you how to spin up a fantastic Magento dev environment that I have been using for almost three years with no trouble.

Spin up your Magento 2 VM today

Send Email From Your VM

At one time or another in our careers as developers, we wish we had an easy way to send test e-mails from our local development environments. Many of us know that we can render a transactional email in our browsers for design purposes, but sometimes that's just not enough. In this developer tutorial, we teach you how to easily and reliably send real e-mails from your virtual machine.

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We hate spam too. We promise to only send out occasional e-mails containing things such as discounts, promotions, and Magento-related news.

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